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Art Tailored To Your Style & Space

Lazuli provides comprehensive art advising and services to private collectors, businesses and corporate clients. Our services are tailored to meet our client’s specific needs, aesthetic and conceptual interests, as well as budgetary guidelines.
Lazuli was established to source and supply artworks for living and working environments. Over time, our range of art consultancy services have expanded in response to the diverse and changing needs of our clients. We offer art consultancy services for anybody looking to find the perfect art piece to decorate their interior, their office, or commercial space.
We aim to give more time and space to our clients, tailoring our deep skills, experience and curatorial insight to deliver impactful projects with a full suite of services.
Lazuli specializes in contemporary art for any environment, whether it’s a home, workplace, hotel, retail space or other public areas. Our team works directly with various emerging and established artists, and partners with prestigious galleries, Interior Designers and Architects to provide our clients with access to a wide-ranging and carefully selected body of artworks.

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