Title : "Xiangqi Players and the Sleeping Champion"

Material :  Acrylic on canvas with collaged newsprint paper

Date : 2018

Size :  42cm x 59.4cm

Original work

Certificate of Authenticity : Included

Details : currently unframed - this can be arranged at additional cost


"Xiangqi Players and the Sleeping Champion" by Zoya Chaudhary

  • Born in 1982, India, to a Hindu father and a Muslim mother, Zoya Chaudhary always had a unique perspective of seeing things. As a student of Applied Arts in Sophia Shree Basant Kumar Somani Memorial College, Zoya was nominated for several student awards, the most prestigious one being the international IBDAA awards, in the print advertising category. After completing her BFA (Applied Arts), Zoya moved from Mumbai to Dehli in 2007 and then to Singapore in 2011. Working as a freelance visual designer in Singapore, Zoya started experimenting with painting, sketching and mixed media art in her process of self-exploration. Her works largely question boundaries and distinctions — such as those between social classes, genders and political leanings in the realms of society and culture. Zoya was a Finalist and Winner of the Public Choice Award at the ArtGemini Prize 2019.


    Singapore- Lost & Found


    Artist Zoya Chaudhary has been interested in the visual documentation and celebration of the local character and flavor of places. There is a realization that this character is quickly being lost.


    Life as an expat artist living in Singapore is like ‘living in a bubble’ the artist explains. She further explains that ‘Living in expat condos and moving around international schools, clubs, malls, watching western shows and global news can make one feel completely disconnected with the local community in any place. The newpaper and media is the only source of knowing what goes on in the local community. She uses relevant news paper articles as one of her mediums to construct the imagery. She says she has explored many parts of the city, first by reading about them, and then exploring those places physically.


    Acrylic paints & Straits times newpaper articles collaged and treated with mediums and varnish form the primary materials used to create the artworks