Title : "Transformation V"

Material :  Dye Sublimation Print on Aluminium

Size : 59.5x42cm

Date : 2017

Limited Edition : 1 of 15

Certificate of Authenticity : Included

Details : currently unframed - this can be arranged at additional cost


"Transformation V" by Anna Ng

  • Emerging Contemporary Artist, Anna Ng was born in Singapore and lived in Australia where she obtained her Masters of Contemporary Art from the Victoria College of Arts (VCA) at the University of Melbourne.

    Anna is a multi-media artist, her work spans video, photography, sculpture, painting, and installation. She has participated in many group and solo exhibitions in Australia and Singapore and works have been collected by private collectors and institutions across Asia and Australia.


    “Gravitated towards elemental and visual phenomena, my work pivots on the interplay of light, space and materials to examine the crossroads of nature and artificial nature. Which, heightens questions on human perception and reality.

    The Metamorphosis and Transformation series are products of an “instrumental” sculpture where it employs light and movement to transform nano-imageries into fascinating polychromatic patterns. Appropriating an ancient technology, the illumination system makes use of contemporary technology to demonstrate how the characteristics of light could be engineered to exhibit an efficient way of creating uniform circuits whilst offering pleasurable visual sensations. The Metamorphosis series are captured registrations of the kaleidoscopic patterns generated by the sculpture while the Transformation series are created through the stitching of the patterns via another current technology.

    Apart from reinforcing the bridge between art, science and design, these works are documentations of a sleek modern sculpture that dilates the symbolic potential of contemporary materials through employing the phenomena of light and present-day technology.” Anna Ng