Title: P538 - Emerald Hill Road in Pink

Limited Edition: 10  (hand-signed and numbered)
Medium: Fine-Art Print, Ilford Smooth Cotton Rag.
Frame: Black Wood 15mm, White Mat border, Non-Reflective Glass.
Size Fine Art Print: 60x40 cm
Size Framed Print: 71x51 cm

Date: 2021

Certificate of Authenticity: Included

Bespoke order on demand


"Emerald Hill Road in Pink" by Nathalie Laoue

  • Born near Cognac, in France, Nathalie Laoue began to paint when she moved to Singapore in 2002.

    Nathalie is a self-taught artist. Although her original training was more focused on physical measurement and industrial design, her passion and talent are expressed through painting and photography.
    Nathalie's technique is rather unusual. She paints on canvas, using, of course, brushes and knives, acrylic or oil colors, but also resin, photographs and small inlaid sundries, which produce a quite unique effect of depth and demarcation.
    Nathalie Laoue instills a touch of realism in her subjects, which is reflected in a striking play of light and vibrant colors, a powerful contrast against the outline of the shadows and silhouettes.

    Her latest work is exploring Singaporean heritage and culture through the quaint charm of Peranakan architecture, the exoticism of red ornaments along with the cutting-edge infrastructure of the new Singapore.

    Her work has been exhibited in several art fairs in France and Singapore.

    "My tastes are simple: I love watching the beauty that lies in the little things. I love watching beautiful lights, beautiful colors and beautiful textures.

    One of my greatest pleasures is wandering through the streets of Singapore seeking for great lights and colors that inspire me. Walking in the street made me discover the Shophouses. I fell in love at first sight. Since then, wherever I go, I’ve been looking for them and they became my main source of inspiration.

    My vocation was unexpected. I was not a painter, I became it. I was neither precocious, nor prodigy, my art arose from my enthusiasm for the colors, and doubtless from some predispositions. But it is the will and the work that allowed me to make it a profession. There is no fate, there is only what we are doing. " Nathalie Laoue