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Custom-made Art for a Corporate: Text
Custom-made Art for a Corporate: Pro Gallery

Project : creation of 12 custom-made artworks to represent DATHENA start-up , its values, mission and vision. Located at the heart of the workspace, also called Social house, Art is meant to interact with the employees, partners and clients. End-to-end process from the brief, consulting and advisory, Artist selection, collaboration with the Artist LouiseM, and installation for a fantastic final result.

Testimonial : "We engaged Lazuli end of last year to help us decorate our office and we wanted a personalised art. One that represents us and two that speaks our values. The person-in-charge, Julie, she listens and understood the vision we had, and recommended an amazing artist, LouiseM, who helped to translate all of our vision into reality. Drafting, timeline and execution were all transparent and smooth. Impeccable service! Thank you Julie for helping us in this process."  DATHENA SCIENCE

Custom-made Art for a Corporate: Portfolio
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