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Yanqing Low’s Fluid Figures Are the Collisions of Human Relationships

Singaporean artist Yanqing Low, proves that no matter how far apart anyone is, we are, in fact, not far from the hive of human consciousness.

Jan 05, 2021 | By Ryan Mario

You are working closely with LAZULI; do tell us more about this symbiotic and fruitful relationship between artist and art dealer.

Julie is great, and I love her energy. She helps me with what I lack in marketing and people skills, while bringing her own pool of collectors and connections to the table.  The art world is changing, but in many ways, it is also not so much changed. You may have digital platforms and outlets like Artsy and Instagram that help expand your reach, but who you know has not become any less important, nor who you trust. I know I can trust Julie to treat my work with dignity. With the promotion of myself as an artist and my works in the hands of LAZULI Gallery, I have more time to focus on my work without concerning myself overmuch with liaising, promoting, and logistics – truly, dedicated processes and a craft in and of themselves. Here’s to you, Julie, and all that amazing effort you have put in for me! Thank you.


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